30 Eco-Trips in Florida
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30 Eco-Trips in Florida

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Take only pictures, leave only footprints, and don’t forget to bring this book!
If you long for high-quality, less-trafficked, authentic adventures amid Florida’s increasingly developed natural areas, this book is the perfect guide to finding them and enjoying them responsibly. Veteran ecotripper Holly Ambrose shares her intimate knowledge of Florida’s wild side in this comprehensive collection of the 30 best undisturbed places to explore across the state.
Divided into four specific geographic regions covering the entire state from the Panhandle to the Lower Keys, the guide provides a complete overview of each with general background information, descriptions of wildlife and recreational opportunities, places to stay from campgrounds to more formal lodging, and detailed listings for nature tours and outfitters in each area. Ambrose also recommends side trips to adjacent natural spots and attractions, provides a special section on bird and wildlife viewing, and advises how to reduce one’s impact on the environment.